Aaron Clarke Draws #1 in Ballot Placement for Rogers

Clarke "did a happy dance" upon seeing his number.

In a Facebook post Friday evening, Clarke -- who postponed his weekly 'Cooking with the Clarkes' virtual town hall to take part in the event -- shared his elation with being featured atop the ballot in the race for Rogers City Council Ward 1, Position 2.

The post drew immediate community reaction with over 70 comments and nearly 30 shares in approximately five hours, all positive and congratulatory. Comments extolled the virtue of Clarke's ongoing work with Bridge the Gap NWA and credited God for rewarding his honest effort. While the majority of such comments cannot be quoted here without the use of many, many triumphant emojis, interested parties can head over to Facebook to keep up to date with the Clarke campaign as it continues to fight for equal representation in Rogers.

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