KUAF Ozarks at Large - Community Organizer Running for Rogers City Council

"Aaron William Clarke, a community organizer and co-founder of Bridge the Gap NWA, is running against incumbent Mark Kruger for Rogers City Council — the first African American to do so."

Gosh, the campaign trail has been as busy as you might imagine lately with canvassing, events, and continued advocacy work! We hope you enjoy the next few updates from the desk of Aaron William Clarke in the final run-up to Election Day!

Earlier this month, Aaron had the great pleasure of speaking with Jacqueline Froelich of KUAF Ozarks at Large about just a couple of his ideas for Rogers in comparison to the intent of his opponent, incumbent Mark Kruger of Ward 1, Position 2. Click through to the full interview via the link below and we'll see you at the polls!

Community Organizer Running for Rogers City Council

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